Update After Radio Silence

Well, Some Radio Silence Anyway

Yeah, we’ve been sort of MIA for a while. Sorry about that. To be completely honest, Version 0.3 was incredibly stressful and incredibly expensive. It’s important to keep in mind that CKP and TLB are completely independent endeavors. We come out of pocket for everything, because we want to create a great game despite not having a studio at our backs. Further, once you start really digging into this stuff, there’s quite a few occult costs incurred.

Don’t Get Me Wrong

We are still totally and fully invested in TLB and all of the excitement getting there. We simply all agreed that we needed to take some time to focus on our game and our group, and get a little bit of refreshment in. I won’t lie, this is something that’s pretty much still going on, but I do have some production updates for anyone interested!

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The Fix List Begins


Just wow. The amount of momentum our little game gained yesterday was insane. To quantify it, yesterday was the biggest day ever in the life of The Last Book in terms of downloads and site activity. A huge thanks to everyone that showed interest, downloaded the manual and character pack, and/or provided feedback. I can’t even adequately express how appreciative we are of your curiosity and help.

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Announcing Version 0.3

It’s Here!

After a long time and a grueling development process, The Last Book, Version 0.3 is here!

We don't actually have physical copies, but we can pretend.

We don’t actually have physical copies, but we can pretend.

This new iteration brings a boat load of new content into the main game, as well as a whole host of fixes. What we will offer below is a breakdown of the features of The Last Book for those who are brand new, and a Change Log for those who played Version 0.2. Enjoy! Read more…

Combat Playtest

Feedback Request

Using the instructions included here, the game manual (The Last Book Core Rules) & Character Pack available here, conduct combat using The Last Book system and comment on the experience. After the instructions, there is a brief questionnaire. Read more…

Fluff & Dungeon Crawling

I vs. We

Generally in these blog posts, I use the ominous “we” when writing, because I tend to write things about the game that are very uncontroversially the opinion of all the designers and developers. Well, today, I thought I’d preface by saying that I will be using “I” a lot throughout this post. Not because I think that anyone else would necessarily disagree, but just because these are some of my personal opinions about The Last Book, and/or information about some stuff I am working on singularly. Read more…

Getting Ready for 0.3

I know the last post was pretty much the same idea, but I wanted to go into some details about some of the stuff that will happen very soon. We’re putting the final polish on the new version and you  should see it within the next 2 – 3 weeks (possibly sooner). Read more…

So Utterly Soon

We have been really neglectful…

Started the 3W series and then just kind of disappeared. Well, there’s a lot of reasons, including the holidays, but mainly the ridiculous amount of work that’s been done to the game. Basically, we shifted our focus to get 95% of the content that we will ever put into this manuscript into version 0.3. Future versions will contain the other 5%, and fixes up until release/publication. We will, of course, always be adding new content to the basic game, but it will appear in other manuscripts (I’ll give some examples of this soon). Read more…

3W: Passages


I promised Facebook that this one would be up yesterday, but none of my electronics were behaving very well. Well, by that I mean my laptop: It can be quite tough to sit a desktop and write for any period of time. All that aside, I apologize that it’s late, and won’t keep you any longer.

Screw you laptop! (That dude isn’t me)

I’m going to forgo writing about the next logical 3W topic (already) and interject with something that I think has created some confusion about Book of the Fallen: Passages. Passages, and the general plans we have to release the product as a whole. Once again, if you don’t understand what 3W is, head over to this post. Let’s get started. Read more…

3W: Attributes


… To the very first 3W article. If you’re lost and have no idea what that means, read through this. This one, quite simply, is going to cover Attributes, the building blocks of Book of the Fallen. Attributes are, in essence, the foundation for everything in the game, and should therefore be explained first. Enjoy! Read more…

Intro to 3W Articles

Hi Again!

Recently I’ve been thinking about some criticisms we’ve gotten about our blog here: That it doesn’t do a very good job of explaining what Book of the Fallen actually is. To be totally candid, I have to agree at some level. Book of the Fallen is a big game and an equally big undertaking for us. Often times, we can be so consumed in the design that we hinder ourselves in being able to define it without nonsense development jargon. To those that have experience with tabletop RPGs, this can be annoying. To those that don’t,  this can be downright frustrating. Read more…